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What is the Cost of HITRUST Certification?

January 19, 2024 | By Accorian

Small and medium-sized organizations often ask about the cost of HITRUST Certification. Patient data security is critical, so we always recommend considering HITRUST as a long-term goal to foster compliance and cost-effectiveness.

HITRUST certification goes beyond being a mere checkbox on a compliance list. It is pivotal in maintaining a robust security posture and fostering stakeholder trust. Recent data reveals that 79% of healthcare organizations have experienced data breaches. This emphasizes the critical need to safeguard sensitive healthcare data, a goal achievable by pursuing HITRUST CSF certification.

What is HITRUST CSF Certification?

HITRUST was established in 2007 to address security and privacy concerns related to sensitive information, including medical records. HITRUST created the Common Security Framework (CSF), which can be used by any organization that creates, accesses, stores, or exchanges sensitive data. It is a cybersecurity risk management framework that helps healthcare organizations assess the effectiveness of security data.​

Achieving HITRUST certification requires the implementation of necessary controls in the designated environment. Voluntary yet pivotal, HITRUST aids businesses in aligning with mandatory regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001, making it a proactive framework for organizations navigating the complex terrain of data security.

Types of HITRUST Assessments

Who Conducts HITRUST Certification?

The HITRUST assessment is conducted by an independent third party, specifically a HITRUST-certified assessor, Accorian is an authorized HITRUST CSF assessor. These assessors are authorized to aid in remediation efforts, perform assessments, and/or provide certification services. This applies to all industries handling Protected Health Information (PHI) and/or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

How Can HITRUST Assist My Business?

  • Table Stakes

    Companies must adhere to strong information security practices to become healthcare industry leaders. Among the various security credentials, HITRUST certification stands out as the preferred choice sought by clients who are looking for suitable vendors. Achieving the HITRUST framework increases the opportunities for organizations to expand their TAM (Total Addressable Market) and enhances their revenue potential.

  • Recognized as the Gold Standard

    According to research conducted by HITRUST, organizations that pursue HITRUST CSF certification witness remarkable improvements in their information security posture, with an impressive 97% of organizations successfully achieving and sustaining a robust security posture.

  • Reduces the Risk of Cyber Attacks and Data Protection

    HITRUST CSF Certification contributes to the robust security of health data, intellectual property, and other proprietary information, bolstering data security and mitigating data breaches.

  • Shorter Future Audits

    HITRUST's robustness and comprehensive approach make achieving secondary security standards easier through established policies and controls.

What is the Cost of HITRUST Certification?

The HITRUST certification cost is contingent upon various factors:

The HITRUST CSF Assessor evaluates these elements. Additionally, HITRUST costs are associated with purchasing the validated HITRUST report and undergoing the assessment process.

What is Included in the Cost of HITRUST?

Acquiring HITRUST certification includes certain direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs include:

Indirect costs include:

How Long Does it Take to Get HITRUST Certified?

Accorian’s Proven Approach

1. Gap Assessment: 4-5 Weeks

2. Roadmap Execution: 4-5 Months

3. Incubation: 3 Months

4. Validated Assessment: 3 Months

5. Maintenance: Ongoing

How Do You Reduce the Cost of HITRUST?

While the overall cost of HITRUST may not be reducible, strategic decision-making and selecting the appropriate HITRUST partner can enhance cost-effectiveness. Choosing the right partner can assist in efficiently scoping the assessment, streamlining the process, and ultimately reducing costs, time, and resources.

Choose Accorian as Your HITRUST CSF PARTNER

As an authorized HITRUST CSF Assessor, Accorian assists businesses of all sizes in achieving certification. Our security team possesses extensive experience in HITRUST implementation and certification, enabling us to serve as your full-service cybersecurity partner throughout the process.​

More About Accorian

Accorian has a proven track record, having completed 400+ compliance consulting engagements across a broad spectrum of standards and regulations, including HITRUST, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, NIST CSF, and GDPR, along with numerous penetration testing projects. Our compliance team brings a wealth of experience, with each member boasting over 10+ years of expertise in cybersecurity and technology.

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