Integrated Compliance Framework (ICF)

Staying compliant is HARD, but managing multiple frameworks is HARDER. Research indicates nearly 70% of service organizations manage at least six compliance frameworks, facing the burden of multiple overlapping security compliance standards. Furthermore, smaller organizations often lack dedicated compliance teams, leading them to work in silos, which exacerbates the challenge. This disparity results in compliance overload and audit fatigue. Given these intricate assessments and the substantial challenges of continuous compliance, an Integrated Compliance Framework is now a necessity more than ever.

Integrated Compliance Framework (ICF) is a standardized approach to compliance management, seamlessly integrating multiple regulatory requirements, controls, and best practices into a single framework. By mapping and aligning controls across different regulations and standards, it simplifies the compliance process.

This streamlined approach aids organizations by establishing a centralized repository of harmonized controls derived from various regulations, standards, and frameworks. Additionally, transitioning to an overarching compliance program enables organizations to achieve significant efficiency gains and added value. This includes reduced audit costs, improved risk management, minimizing duplication of efforts, optimizing resources, and enhanced brand reputation.

Current GRC Program Challenges

Adherence to multiple frameworks and staying vigilant to evolving standards or newer versions

Navigating different stages of readiness to ensure comprehensive compliance

The audit fatigue of engaging different audit firms for distinct standards

Holistically managing the entire GRC program demands a focus on measuring what matters

The Solution - Comply Many, Audit Once







Components of ICF

Framework of Controls

It comprises a meticulously organized collection of controls derived from diverse regulations, standards, and industry best practices.

Harmonization Database

It aligns and maps controls from varied sources, revealing commonalities, overlaps, and conflicts. Its primary function is to identify convergence or divergence among controls from different regulations or standards, simplifying the creation of a unified approach to compliance.

Mappings and Relationships

ICF offers in-depth mappings and relationships between controls, regulations, standards, and frameworks. These mappings illustrate how specific controls address multiple compliance requirements, providing organizations with insights into the interconnections and dependencies among various regulations.

Compliance Reference Architecture

It serves as a reference model outlining the structure and relationships among different elements of compliance, such as controls, requirements, assets, and processes. This architecture helps strategically design and implement a cohesive compliance program.

Our Approach

Build Your Global Control Framework

Continuously Monitor Your Security Posture Using the GRC Tool

Consolidate Your Existing Certification Audits/Assessments Dates

Steps to Comply With
Multiple Security Frameworks

Identify Applicable Standards and Frameworks

Perform Gap Analysis

Create Unified Framework

Implement Controls and Best Practices

Regular Assessments and Audits

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Explore Compliance Tools and Solutions

Real World Scenario - Case Study

The Challenge

A global financial institution had to comply with a multitude of regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Basel III, PCI DSS, and GDPR. Managing these diverse compliance requirements was complex and resource-intensive.

The Result

The Solution

Pivot To True Security

Attaining compliance and certification is merely an initial phase. GoRICO empowers organizations to achieve and maintain true security through comprehensive solutions and ongoing support.

GoRICO Powered Continuous
Compliance Monitoring

A single platform solution to understand your true security compliance, maturity and posture

A unified platform to manage and monitor multiple security programs

Fully customizable GRC solution designed to look beyond automated controls supporting cloud-native, hybrid, and on-premises environments

Translate your policies, procedures, and SOPs into actionable periodic tasks that match your business requirements

Access real-time security scores and gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s current security posture at any time

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