vCISO - Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

The cybercrime epidemic is threatening, with a 15% annual growth rate. With the rise of sophisticated threats and the growth of cybercrime, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in senior management is required for organizations. A vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) is an external security advisor and expert whose responsibilities vary depending on an organization’s business requirements. They are responsible for keeping critical systems and sensitive data protected from cybercriminals.

CISO as a service provides organizations with on-demand access to experienced security expertise, eliminating the need for a full-time employee. Virtual CISO services assists organizations with the resources and knowledge they require to protect themselves from cyber threats without incurring the high costs associated with a full-time employee.


Six Components of a vCISO

Why Care About Security

Table Stakes
As security continues to become a primary concern for organizations, a certain level of maturity is expected even more from firms now.

Manage Business Risk
A security incident, whether it involves a breach or ransomware, can pose various risk such as monetary loss, regulatory penalties, and reputational harm.

Accelerates Business Growth
Achieving a compliance standard such as SOC 2 allows you to stand out from your peers in a competitive market.

Regulatory Requirements
Many industries now have regulatory requirements governing security and/or privacy, such as HIPAA, NYDFS, GDPR, PCI or others.

Accorian - Your vCISO Partner

Our Virtual Chief Security Officer assists clients in developing and implementing their Information ​Security Management Program (ISMP), providing the necessary structure and support to establish and maintain it over time.

Comprehensive Security Services
We provide our clients with a full range of virtual ciso services, from security compliance and consulting to pen testing and staffing.​

Extensive Relationships
Our extensive network of key relationships enables us to swiftly identify threats, assess risks, and provide efficient remediation practices, ensuring a secure environment for our clients.​

Finest Compliance Documentation
We offer customized compliance documentation that adheres to the highest standards of quality and trusts across all framework requirements, assuring our clients they require.​

Growth Accelerator
We assist organizations in continuously improving their cybersecurity and compliance maturity over time.

Employing a full-time Virtual CISO costs the company a significant amount of money. Instead, a virtual CISO can help meet the exact needs of multiple companies. The vCISO can effectively address the organization's cybersecurity needs and collaborate with senior management to provide a cost-effective strategic cybersecurity plan.

Greater Security & Lower Costs

Organizations of Every Size Can Benefit From a vCISO

Get immediate access to a virtual CISO and a team of experts who can hit the ground running and guide your organization through strategic initiatives.

Challenges Around Security


Vulnerability Management

Penetration testing, static code analysis, analysis of dynamic web applications.


Audit and Compliance

Monthly phishing simulations, security awareness training, audit prep


Risk Management

Ongoing assessment and tabletop exercises.


Establishing Security Guidelines

Ongoing policy, procedure and control development.

The Solutions

Diverse Industry Experience
Hiring a vCISO with diverse industry experience provides a broader perspective on security issues.​

A Team - Not an Individual
A CISO often needs to rely on third parties or external teams for insight and expertise. ​The vCISO’s team-based approach provides all the necessary expertise and resources to achieve your goals.

Streamline Processes with Our GRC GORICO Tool
GORICO, our purpose-built GRC tool is a proven process for strengthening compliance requirements and enabling growth opportunities for your business.​​

Enhances Security Posture & Roadmap
A vCISO helps establish an internal security posture, conduct audits to identify threats. They help develop strategic plans for data access control, and authorization protocols, ensuring robust security.​

How Our vCISOs Can Help Businesses

Provide an economic option for many budget-sensitive businesses
Allow a business to sign short-term contracts during a crisis
Gauge your system's ability to manage threats, create security programs, and scan
for vulnerabilities
Supplement an investigation and prevents further loss of valuable resources
Help you avoid extremely costly non-compliance penalties
Act on behalf of your company, completing necessary reports, managing insurance disputes, and advocating for the maximum benefits from your insurance provider
Educate employees on how to guard your company’s assets today and into the future

A vCISO's Responsibilities


Rationalizing Cybersecurity Activities

Ensure that all initiatives align with privacy compliance, risk management, and business strategy goals as a whole.


Access Management

Ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and systems.


Policies & Processes

Creation of policies, procedures, process flows, and supporting documentation


Governance & Compliance

Ensure your information security activities comply with all applicable regulatory frameworks.


Decrease Risk

Identify and prioritize security efforts to reduce risk efficiently and affordably.


Gap Fillers

Fills security gaps where enterprises need it most by concentrating on cybersecurity strategy and execution, while internal teams stay committed to their core skills.


Multi-Industry Expertise

Expertise in numerous sectors due to exposure to multiple customers, as opposed to CISOs that operate in isolated verticals.


Independent of Internal Politics

vCISOs are not influenced by personal career objectives or internal politics. They function as a neutral third party with the objective of ensuring that customers make the best security choices for their organization.

This presents an edge to expanding firms who are unsure if a full-time CISO is necessary. Through the vCISO, the customer receives access to a whole team of specialists for a fraction of the expense of a single on-site CISO.


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