Regardless of regulatory vigilance in your business or company, the absence of a CISO puts too much at risk, especially in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Cyberattacks have increased dramatically in the last few years, affecting both large and small organizations. As the attacks become more sophisticated, it is inevitable that all organizations will be hit by one in the near future.

Small and medium businesses (SMB) and non-profits are not immune to these threats. Over 60% of SMB have had some form of threat and many negatively impacted either by costs or lost business. Many companies now realize that protecting their information, assets and business in this changing landscape will require risk-based, executive-level expertise, management and ownership that goes beyond their IT department.


6 Components of a vCISO

Guardian, Strategist, Avisor and Technologist combined

Virtual CISOs

A virtual CISO, or vCISO, can enable organizations that don't have the resources or expertise in-house to run a comprehensive and ongoing leadership program.

As both a technical expert and a senior leader, a vCISO can use their skills and experience to create a full program that takes care of technology, processes, and people. You can have these advantages at the tip of your fingers without having to pay the exorbitant prices of a full-time job, which may be hard to find or too expensive.

A virtual CISO provides a flexible approach that can change from month to month as needs and priorities change. With a model based on a monthly retainer, a vCISO can be short-term or long-term and can work on both an operational and strategic level. This makes it possible for organizations of any size to get expert help at a price that fits within their budget.

Why a vCISO?

Cybersecurity is a risk issue, not a technology problem. Companies need to be able to have human resources capable of aligning security strategy with the core mission of the organization.

This is where a vCISO can help. A virtual CISO can help organizations that do not have the resources or in house expertise an ongoing leadership and comprehensive program. As a technical expert and senior leader in one, a vCISO can leverage their experience and skills to develop a comprehensive program that handles technology, process and people. They can also do it without the high costs of a full-time role that might be cost prohibitive or hard to find.

A virtual CISO offers a scalable approach that can vary month to month as the needs and priorities change. Working at both an operational and strategic level, and with a model built on a monthly retainer, a vCISO can be short or long term, enabling expertise to be available for all sizes or organizations at a cost that are manageable within any budget.

Greater Security & Lower Costs

Organizations of Every Size Can Benefit From a vCISO

Get immediate access to a virtual CISO and a team of experts who can hit the ground running and guide your organization through strategic initiatives.

What Can Our vCISO Expertise Bring to The Table?

Accorian's vCISO provides expert guidance for both tactical and strategic initiatives. Get the same 360-degree cybersecurity coverage as a full-time, onsite CISO — at a fraction of the cost.

Even the most seasoned CISOs may benefit from professional advising services to manage stakeholder expectations, various security programs, regulatory requirements, and the evolution of cybersecurity technology. By using our vCISO services, you are not just employing a single security professional, but a team of Security Advisory specialists.

Every organization, regardless of their scale and size, can benefit from a vCISO. With Accorian, you can obtain rapid access to a virtual CISO and a team of specialists that are able to help your company through strategic objectives.

The vCISO from Accorian delivers professional counsel for both tactical and strategic endeavors.

You can also tailor your vCISO plan depending on the hours of service you receive.

Accorian’s vCISO program provides a complete array of services, all of which are included in the monthly subscription. These include:


Vulnerability Management

Penetration testing, static code analysis, analysis of dynamic web applications.


Audit and Compliance

Monthly phishing simulations, security awareness training, audit prep


Risk Management

Ongoing assessment and tabletop exercises.


Establishing Security Guidelines

Ongoing policy, procedure and control development.

How Our vCISOs Can Help Businesses

Provide an economic option for many budget-sensitive businesses
Allow a business to sign short-term contracts during a crisis
Gauge your system's ability to manage threats, create security programs, and scan
for vulnerabilities
Supplement an investigation and prevents further loss of valuable resources
Help you avoid extremely costly non-compliance penalties
Act on behalf of your company, completing necessary reports, managing insurance disputes, and advocating for the maximum benefits from your insurance provider
Educate employees on how to guard your company’s assets today and into the future

The Role of a vCISO

The responsibilities and requirements of a virtual chief information officer are similar to those of a regular CISO, only on a virtual, lower-cost basis. Hundreds of both SMBs and larger companies have realized the cost advantages, flexibility, and broader experience a vCISO provides. Cyber Security Advisory Services gives you the visibility and insight you need to improve your cyber security posture.

A vCISO's Responsibilities


Rationalizing Cybersecurity Activities

Ensure that all initiatives align with privacy compliance, risk management, and business strategy goals as a whole.


Access Management

Ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and systems.


Policies & Processes

Creation of policies, procedures, process flows, and supporting documentation


Governance & Compliance

Ensure your information security activities comply with all applicable regulatory frameworks.


Decrease Risk

Identify and prioritize security efforts to reduce risk efficiently and affordably.


Gap Fillers

Fills security gaps where enterprises need it most by concentrating on cybersecurity strategy and execution, while internal teams stay committed to their core skills.


Multi-Industry Expertise

Expertise in numerous sectors due to exposure to multiple customers, as opposed to CISOs that operate in isolated verticals.


Independent of Internal Politics

vCISOs are not influenced by personal career objectives or internal politics. They function as a neutral third party with the objective of ensuring that customers make the best security choices for their organization.

This presents an edge to expanding firms who are unsure if a full-time CISO is necessary. Through the vCISO, the customer receives access to a whole team of specialists for a fraction of the expense of a single on-site CISO.


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Accorian’s cybersecurity and compliance teams bring a wealth of experience to help navigate organizations through their information security journey. Our hands-on, white-glove approach combined with a goal-oriented, proven methodology brings both fiscal value and expertise to each of our clients. The facts speak for themselves.

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