ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a well-known and widely acknowledged security standard and certification for implementing and demonstrating an organization's security posture. Information security management system (ISMS) standard ISO 27001 stresses a risk-based approach to managing people, processes, as well as technological controls. 

The objective of the standard is to "provide standards for creating, implementing, maintaining, and steadily improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS)". If security breaches are identified, the standard's organized approach to auditing personnel and technology interdependence allows the measurement, comparison, and improvement of numerous operational standards. 

The independent certification to the standard is recognised around the world as an indication that your organization is aligned with information security best practices.


ISO 27001: Most Recent Standard

In the near future, ISO/IEC 27001:2022 will replace the present international standard for information security management, ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The standard has been renamed from "Information technology – Security techniques – Code of conduct for information security controls" to "Information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection – Information security controls."

On February 15, 2022, a publication notice was issued and the ISO 27002 standard was made accessible on the ISO standards store.

Can Accorian Assist With The Transition to ISO 27001:2022?

Accorian is developing the information for the changes, and we will be able to upgrade until the 2022 version, which is expected to be released shortly. If your organization's existing ISO 27001 certificate expires after 2024, certification bodies will conduct regular surveillance visits to ensure compliance with the new revision. However, if your organization's existing ISO 27001 certificate expires prior to 2024, you must upgrade by re-certification.

Why Do You Need ISO 27001?

Securing the information framework of an organization entails ensuring that security methods, regulations, and policy guidelines are tailored to the business's unique needs. By using a tried-and-true security management solution, gaps may be closed applying industry best practices. 

ISO 27001 is not only a security standard. Once implemented, the standard covers all organizational stakeholders and provides a scalable architecture that enables personnel, business units, or the entire company to assume responsibility for their environment's security. This strategy assists management in enhancing security and raising threat awareness at all organizational levels. 

Often, the ISO 27001 audit is a component of a bigger corporate evaluation that examines all elements of processes, technology, and supply chains.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

With ISO 27001 certification, you will be able to:


Protect your organization's intellectual property as well as its private financial data.


Ensure that your information security incident response is meticulously prepared and proven successful, should a breach occur.


Ensure that key stakeholders as well as third parties are informed of complying with, and completely cognizant of your information security safeguards.


Protect your workers' and clients' personal information.


Align established information security policies to assist you in managing your access control model, communications safety, system acquisition, and the information security parts of business continuity planning, among other aspects.


Perform threat assessment and risk management actions in a straightforward, pragmatic, and open manner.


Comply with particular industry laws or operational procedures as established by any applicable regulatory authorities.


Safeguard your organization’s reputation and build a reliable brand image.

Why Choose Accorian?

We can assist you, whether you are seeking for a solution to strengthen your company's cybersecurity posture or need advice on how to establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The success of Accorian's ISO 27001 Readiness Services is ensured by time-tested and efficient processes. A fully managed readiness service is ideal for businesses who wish to fulfil certification criteria but do not necessarily want to hire internal staff, or invest significantly on  risk mitigation, or could use an experienced approach to meet the requirement.

Our trained consultants have substantial field expertise with ISMS in addition to ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Implementation certificates. This guarantees that we meet the needs of our clients and can give value-added assistance, leveraging our industry knowledge, awareness, and skills to satisfy certification criteria with cost-effective mitigation techniques. Moreover, we can program manage the complete endeavor for the organization and ensure its success.

Our ISO Services:


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is used to discover, evaluate, and manage threats to information and the IT systems that support services. The objective of the risk assessment exercise is to detect possible threats to the organization's services.


Gap Assessment

The Gap Assessment activity reveals the degree of implementation for various controls according to the ISO 27001 standard and highlights the main and small gaps that might lead to non-compliance with the ISO 27001 standard and serious dangers if they are not mitigated over time.


Internal Audit

The internal ISMS audit will give an impartial assessment against the ISO 27001: 2013 standard, with the goal of enhancing the security of the organization's activities. It will assist the business achieve its goals by evaluating and enhancing the efficacy of ISMS, risk management, internal controls, and security governance procedures using a methodical, disciplined approach.


P&P - Drafting of Documentation

Organizations should create business-relevant Integrated Policies and Procedures in order to comply with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.


Scoping and Applicability

The scope statement delimits the information security management system of the company. It describes which organizational components, processes, or divisions are covered by ISMS. The ISMS scope has a direct bearing on the effort associated with your assets, risk management, and business processes.


Annual Sustenance

Providing sustenance assistance after the successful implementation of the ISO 27001 standard guarantees continuous improvement and long-term cultural acceptance.


Implementation Guidance

The use of auditors and consultants to predict dangers to an organization's information assets and establish measures to minimize such hazards

Diving Deeper: An External ISO 27001 Audit

An ISO 27001 audit involves a competent and objective auditor reviewing the ISMS or elements of it and testing that it meets the requirements of the standard, the organization’s own information requirements and objectives for the ISMS and that the policies, processes, and other controls are effective and efficient.

In addition to the compliance as well as potency of the ISMS, an ISO 27001 audit is intended to enable an organization manage its information security risks to a tolerable level. It will be important to check that the implemented controls minimize risks to a point where the risk owners are confident to endure the residual risk.

Surveillance/Sustenance Audit

The certification body uses surveillance visits to determine if your management system works in daily operations. It will concentrate on topics the certification audit couldn't verify, such as whether all events are documented, all measurements are done, all corrective and preventative measures are correctly recorded and executed, etc. A surveillance visit will additionally concentrate on problems identified as poor in the certification audit or earlier surveillance visit — minor nonconformities and auditor observations.

Internal Penetration Test

An internal pen test is a good way to find holes in applications that are behind the firewall of a company. This means making a fake attack by a bad person on the inside. Finding these weak spots could stop an attack by a disgruntled employee or a hacker who stole employee credentials and used them to get in.

Cloud Security Audits

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Cloud Security Audits

Auditing of your cloud security posture cloud to understand your posture can be quite challenging, we help our clients to conduct detailed cloud security audits through a manual and automated approach.

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Stage 1 Audit

The Stage 1 audit is a 'documentation review' audit because the auditor reviews your procedures and policies to ensure they’re in line with the requirements of ISO 27001.

Stage 1 Audit

The Stage 1 audit is a 'documentation review' audit because the auditor reviews your procedures and policies to ensure they’re in line with the requirements of ISO 27001.

This stage is more of a 'reconnaissance' audit or 'pre-assessment' when the auditor reviews your ISMS and determines whether an internal audit plan is in existence.

Stage 1 is completed on-site to determine whether your ISMS has met the minimum requirements of the Standard and is ready for a certification audit. The auditor will point out any areas of nonconformity and potential improvements of the management system.

Stage 2 Audit

Stage 2 is called the ‘certification audit’. During Stage 2, the auditor conducts a complete on-site inspection to determine whether the organization's ISMS conforms with ISO 27001

Stage 2 Audit

Stage 2 is called the ‘certification audit’. During Stage 2, the auditor conducts a complete on-site inspection to determine whether the organization's ISMS conforms with ISO 27001

They'll also seek for proof that the organization is following the documentation they've previously reviewed.

The auditor reviews their audit checklists and reports nonconformities to the client.

If all is in order, the auditor will certify that the organization's ISMS conforms with ISO 27001 and recommend the client for ISO 27001 certification.

Surveillance/Sustenance Audit

The certification body uses surveillance visits to determine if your management system really works in everyday operations.

Surveillance/Sustenance Audit

The certification body uses surveillance visits to determine if your management system really works in everyday operations. It will focus on topics the certification audit couldn't verify, such as, whether all the incidents are recorded, whether all the measurements are made, whether all corrective and preventive actions are properly recorded and implemented, whether the top management really supports and cares about the system, etc.

A surveillance visit will also focus on issues that were identified as weak in the certification audit or previous surveillance visit – minor nonconformities, as well as areas where the auditor has made some observations.

During the surveillance visit, the certification auditor will focus less on the documentation and far more on how the key processes are performed, assessed, and improved — in other words, if the system really works.

So don’t relax after your certification audit is over – the certification body is highly interested in finding out whether your management system is really functioning, and this is exactly what the surveillance visits will be focused on. And this is one more reason why you shouldn’t implement the standard only for the purpose of certification – the idea should be that the procedures and policies are really used in everyday operations.


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