HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance can be challenging. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) helps define the following:

  • How to secure and safely manage consumers' electronic protected health information (ePHI) 
  • Guarantee that the information is recorded, accessed, transmitted, and processed in ways that prevent it from falling into the wrong hands
  • Ensure that a security risk assessment be conducted and managed through an organization’s formal Risk Management Program.

Whether you are a Covered Entity (CE) or a Business Associate (BA) there are policies, procedures, and processes you must have in place in order to meet the requirements of the rule. 

The healthcare industry continues to be plagued by hackers and ransomware demands because ePHI is very valuable on the black market.  Understandably, healthcare organizations and their patients are increasingly anxious about the security of their data. Healthcare organizations and the third-party providers whose services they rely on, run the risk of incurring high monetary penalties as well as a tarnished reputation without a well-run risk management program and robust cybersecurity controls.


Why Choose Accorian?

Accorian was founded so organizations can stop compromising between technology necessities and technology budgets. Formed by technology and cybersecurity leaders, Accorian strives to be your full-service technology partner. Our hands-on approach combined with a goal-oriented, proven methodology brings both fiscal value and expertise to each of our clients.

Accorian’s Easy Answers To HIPAA Compliance

Accorian can help you maintain HIPAA compliance. If you have ePHI data you are creating, receiving, maintaining, or transmitting, HIPAA rules apply to you. As HITRUST Assessors,

We have a wealth of experience in helping our customers become and remain compliant with the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach notification rules.
Whether you need a partner to help create the policies and procedures, develop awareness training, or conduct a security risk assessment, Accorian can help you today.
We are not merely compliance box checkers. Our team will work with you to develop creative solutions to accomplish compliance without disrupting your present business procedures.

Avoid Fines And Penalties

The penalty for violation with HIPAA requirements is severe. A single infraction might cost anything from $100 to $50,000, depending on the extent of recklessness. In addition, a maximum fine of $1.5 million annually might be imposed for infractions of a similar provision.

This implies that firms who continue to keep or handle ePHI in a non-compliant manner risk losing millions of dollars in damages. High penalties might force you to close your doors forever.


Assess Third-Party Business Associates

Accorian provides comprehensive managed security HIPAA audits to guarantee that your business associates are up to date, and do not expose your firm to unnecessary risk. When a business partner has never worked to comply with HIPAA, we assist with them to develop rules and procedures that assure they are not only compliant, but will stay so in the coming years.

Almost a quarter of all cybersecurity threats are caused by data maintained by third parties. This is a big issue for firms who must be HIPAA compliant. These violations may have an impact not just on your compliance, but also on consumer trust in your firm and your credibility.

It is critical that you do a thorough audit of any business partner who will be holding your customer data to confirm that they are HIPAA compliant and follow best practices for storing customer data.

Checklist To Evaluate If You Need Help With HIPAA Compliance

Has your organization identified and documented where all protected health information (PHI) and electronic PHI (ePHI) is created, processed, stored and transmitted?

Has your organization conducted a Security Risk Assessment as required by the HIPAA Security Rule?

Have you developed a Risk Management Program for your organization?

Does your organization have current Policies and Procedures around the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules?

Have all workforce members been trained on your Policies and Procedures?

Do you have a designated HIPAA Privacy and/or Security Officer?

Have you identified all vendors/third parties that require access to your PHI/ePHI?

Do you have a documented process for Incidents/Breaches?

As certified HITRUST assessors, we can help you fortify your compliance with HIPAA.

Download the Complete HIPAA Checklist




The Accorian Advantage

Accorian’s cybersecurity and compliance teams bring a wealth of experience to help navigate organizations through their information security journey. Our hands-on, white-glove approach combined with a goal-oriented, proven methodology brings both fiscal value and expertise to each of our clients. The facts speak for themselves.

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