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July 6, 2023 | By Accorian
It's Not The Who, But How - SOC 2 Compliance

Here’s why clients choose Accorian over their competitors for their SOC 2 Compliance.


Competitors: Often follow a traditional approach to SOC 2 compliance, which may rely on established methodologies and practices, leading to a lack of innovation and failure to address emerging security threats and vulnerabilities.

Accorian: We take an innovative approach to SOC 2 compliance by leveraging new technologies, tools, industry best practices, and emerging security trends. We continuously evaluate and adopt innovative solutions to address evolving threats and stay ahead of the curve.


Competitors: May prioritize security certifications at the expense of business growth. This could mean missed opportunities to invest in product development, marketing, customer acquisition, or expanding into new markets. Neglecting these growth areas can hinder the company’s ability to innovate and capitalize on emerging market trends.       

Accorian: We ensure business growth is not compromised while obtaining security certifications, leveraging SOC 2 compliance as a growth enabler.


Competitors: Compliance reports may not adhere to the highest standards of quality and trust. This can lead to a loss of credibility and doubts about the organization’s commitment to security and compliance, potentially resulting in reputational damage.

Accorian: We have a track record of completing over 400 assessments and audits, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and trust. We mitigate the risk of reputational damage and ensure your organization’s commitment to security and compliance remains unquestionable.


Competitors: Limited involvement in defining new processes, drafting policies, and conducting risk assessments.

Accorian: As Partners, we are closely involved with client teams to define new processes, draft policies & procedures, risk assessments, vulnerability assessments & penetration testing, remediation support, implementation advisory, and provide security awareness training.


Competitors: May lack expertise in query resolution for complex business matters and may not possess the depth of knowledge necessary to address intricate and nuanced challenges that arise in the organization’s specific business operations.

Accorian: We have an in-house vCISO that facilitates in providing expertise in query resolution for complex business matters, offering guidance and solutions like risk assessment, tabletop exercises, control mapping, and validation against multiple frameworks.


Competitors: Often rigid about adhering to their principles and values, thus limiting their flexibility in tailoring their approach to meet client requirements. This lack of customization can result in a one-size-fits-all an approach that may not fully address the organization’s specific security and compliance needs.

Accorian: We prioritize flexibility, transparency, and open communication in our SOC 2 audits. Our customized compliance reports adhere to the highest standards of quality and trust. We adapt our methodologies to meet your unique needs, recognizing diverse operational environments, risk profiles, and compliance objectives.


Competitors: May have inefficient program management practices, resulting in a lack of clear project objectives and milestones.  Without well-defined goals, the business may struggle to establish a structured approach to SOC 2 compliance.

Accorian: We have a structured and comprehensive approach to program management, including clearly defined project objectives, milestones, and deliverables. Furthermore, we continuously evaluate and improve program management practices by seeking stakeholder feedback, conducting post-compliance reviews, and implementing lessons learned.

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