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7 Ways to protect your Healthcare Data in 2019

February 5, 2019 | By Accorian

In 2018, 15 million patient records were breached during 503 healthcare cyber-attacks. That’s three times the amount of reported incidents in 2017*. As breaches continue to escalate, healthcare records are becoming a big target and are valuable on the black market.

1. Where is your data and how is it protected?

Most organizations don’t know where and how much health data they possess. Mobility and easy access to data adds to the risk. The usage of IoT and other handheld devices also add a layer of complexity.

2. Train your staff on anti-phishing techniques

The healthcare industry suffers more from insider threats than external threats. hackers are using targeted and sophisticated social engineering techniques to cause human error. These advanced phishing techniques leverage AI & Crimeware that exploit the weakest link in security – Humans. It’s important that employees are educated so that they are not fooled into allowing a hacker to access the network.

3. Is your Network being monitored 24/7?

Hackers don’t take a day off and neither should your security. Attacks will be more sophisticated, harder to detect & defend in real time. Real time security monitoring & a robust incident response plan will be key. This will leverage AI to detect & defend your network in real time.

4. Increase your budget for cybersecurity

Successful data breaches significantly impact the bottom line of organizations. This includes fines, legal & investigator fees, the loss of credibility, reputation, customer confidence, valuation and changes in the CXO level. Cyber insurance premiums have also increased due to impact & cost of data breaches in 2018. It’s important that your organization devotes enough funds to cybersecurity because it will be costlier if your company has a data breach.

5. Make sure that your Data is compliant

There are new complexities associated to information sharing due to newer privacy laws across the world. The healthcare industry has a reputation of not always complying with GDPR, HITRUST and other data protection rules. Partnering with a security firm to help you get compliant will decrease your chance of being fined.

6. Are your IOT** medical devices secure?

Medical devices are becoming more digitally connected to increase patient care. However, just like computer systems, they can be vulnerable to security breaches. Increasing your adherence to the FDA’s Medical Device Security guide will reduce your chance of cyber-attack.

7. Partner with a cybersecurity company for long-term protection

The lack of security experience & skills in the healthcare industry often leaves organizations vulnerable to an attack. It’s best that Healthcare companies work with a security partner that specializes in their industry and stays ahead of cyberattacks.

Accorian is your full-service cybersecurity partner. We can help you protect your data, monitor your networks, conduct security tests and provide anti-phishing training for your employees. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business achieve Technology success.  

*Protenus 2019 Breach Barometer
**Internet of Things
Source: Verizon’s DBIR 2018

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